Good to know

What parts are required for a successful exam?
  • Windscreens
  • Lighting, light and sound signaling equipment
  • Xenon bulb
  • Replacement
  • Shock absorbers
  • Chassis test
  • Exhaust system
  • Dents damage and corrosion
  • Seats, seat belts
  • Accessories
We examine these for the technical exam, to prepare for the exam, ask the advice of our service, then the technical exam will be just a formality.

Amendment to Government Decree

A 326/2011. Pursuant to the amendment of Government Decree effective April 4, 2017, a preliminary authenticity check is NOT required in the case of a transfer of property between close relatives. (close relative: spouse, direct relative, adopted, stepchild and foster child, adoptive parent, stepfather and foster parent and brother)

Request a gray license plate for bicycle transport equipment

From the first day of April, it was mandatory to replace the bicycle transport device – typically a bicycle carrier that can be mounted on a towbar – with a special license plate. It matched the license plate of the delivery car, but the color was gray.

To replace it, the car – along with the transport device – had to be taken to a state examination station, where if the device was deemed appropriate, a certificate was issued, and then in possession of it, the new license plate could be replaced at the document office. After the outrage – due to the complicated and expensive procedure – was great, the authorities changed the legislation.

Since the end of July, we no longer need to participate in an official inspection procedure to obtain a gray license plate and we do not need a technical data sheet. We simply request our gray license plate at the document office.

However, for those who want to get away with the administrative macera, the law provides an opportunity to transfer the rear license plate of the car to a bicycle transport device that covers the license plate. Thus, however, if the bicycle carrier is removed from the vehicle, the license plate must be put back on the car.

How much to pay if the car does not meet the exam requirements

Before the technical inspection, all cars are inspected and in case of non-compliance we provide information about the necessary repairs. The owner of the car will correct the marked errors with his own mechanic and will arrive for the exam with the faultless car. The examination fee and the official examination fee need be paid only once.

The police officer will revoke the license on the spot if

  • The technical exam has expired
  • There is no valid compulsory liability insurance
  • Foil the windshield or front side glasses
  • Cracked windshield glass
  • The xenon bulb is retrofitted to the headlight
  • The truck is missing the partition / grille
  • The number of transportable persons specified in traffic is less than the number of seats fitted

The validity of the technical examination has expired and the registration certificate has been revoked on the spot

The Document Office sends a decision on the withdrawal of the vehicle from the market (to the address). With the decision, you must appear at any of our technical examination stations and apply for the technical examination. After passing the technical examination, the examiner issues a Technical Data Sheet, which can be returned to the Document Office to obtain a validated traffic license.

The technical exam has expired

Validity may be extended at any designated examination site without penalty.

The validity of the technical examination has expired and a traffic accident has occurred

In case of expired technical insurance, the compulsory liability insurance is invalid – even if it is paid in – so causing an accident, the insurer will not pay the amount of damage caused to others.

One of the data was written in the traffic

Designated examination centers have a limited right to modify the data recorded in traffic. In case of typing, it is possible to correct 1 character in the chassis number and 2 characters in the engine number. Correction of incorrect color code and traction data can be done on site. All other spellings, only NKH is entitled to amend. After the sale, the car does not have a valid exam and would it be necessary to rewrite it? A rewriting of the car can only be requested at the Document Office with a valid technical exam. If the sale has been concluded with an expired technical service, the car must first be inspected technically, for which the sales contract must be presented in addition to the usual traffic and compulsory insurance. After a successful exam, the new owner of the car will receive a data sheet and this will allow them to apply for a rewriting of the car at the Document Office.