What do you bring to the technical exam?
Technical Examination Documents
For an individual:
  • Identity card (and address card) or
  • Passport and address card or
  • New type of driver’s license and residence card.
For a company:
  • Company registration,
  • Signature title copy,
  • A document necessary to identify the person on the copy of the signature address or a document necessary to identify the proxy.
Vehicle documents, namely:
  • Traffic License
  • Foreign Vehicle Document
  • Authority decision
  • Temporary Marketing Authorization
  • Technical data sheet
  • Vehicle Companion Sheet
    (at least one of them)
  • Pedigree (optional but recommended)
Document certifying the validity of compulsory liability insurance:
  • Proof of payment (yellow check)
  • Account statement
  • International insurance certificate “green card”
    (at least one of them)
In the case of new towing hooks, the certificate of workmanship for the towing hook.
If the owner does not act in the examination, a power of attorney is required (we provide it) and a document is required to identify the proxy.

If the owner of the vehicle is not acting in person, a power of attorney is required for the person acting on behalf of the owner .

SAMPLE: Power of Attorney (Natural Person)

If the owner is a legal entity or an unincorporated business, the person acting on behalf of the owner requires a power of attorney, a copy of the signature, a copy of the first page of the business registration .

SAMPLE: Power of Attorney (Social organization)